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A pioneering technology firm, Vortx is driven by a vision to transform and disintermediate the financial sector through the utilization of QIE Wallet, renowned as the world's most secure user-controlled wallet. QIE Wallet leverages revolutionary superpowered domains, akin to user-controlled internet addresses, to democratize financial services. Powered by AI and smart contracts, it optimizes administrative workflows, ensuring financial efficiency and accessibility for everyone.

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Vortx aspires to emerge as the preeminent blockchain conglomerate on the global stage, mirroring the success of LVMH in the luxury brands sector. With a multifaceted approach, Vortx strategically invests and innovates across various segments within the blockchain industry, ranging from instant business websites to revolutionary cross-border payment solutions. Through a commitment to cutting-edge technology and a vision for financial inclusion, Vortx aims to transcend boundaries and become the foremost blockchain powerhouse, fostering innovation, accessibility, and efficiency in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. VortX has a corporate strategy to acquire more QIE as a future disrupter in technology

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Domain Features:

  • Website Hosting: Easily link a web3 website with your domain name. Create a complimentary website using QIE’s builder and seamlessly connect it to your purchased domain.
  • Simple Payment Alias: Streamline token transfers by using your domain name (yourname.qie) instead of a lengthy hexadecimal wallet address (0x122342342…).
  • Phone Number Linkage: Enhance security by associating your domain name with a phone number, enabling 2FA authentication.
  • Effortless Dapp Access: Sign in to decentralized applications with ease.
  • Dapp Discounts: Enjoy exclusive discounts on various Dapps.
  • Private Web Browsing: Surf the web anonymously using Opera & Brave browsers.
  • Cryptocurrency and NFT Storage: Safely store your digital assets, including cryptocurrency and NFTs.

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You can buy Qie with mobile airtime, the true currency of the world, accessible by all with a simple SMS

Qi Blockchain Ecosystem Architecture:

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Rolex sells status, not watches. Harley Davidson sells a lifestyle, not bikes. Vortx sells accessibility, not domains!

We are making financial services accessible and easy to all!

VortX is backed by the leading VC fund in South Africa, nReach Capitis Layson who won prize in 2023 for being the best Asset manager in South Africa.

Scaling To A Billion Domains In Sales Via The Following Use Cases:

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